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What is an on-line class?

An on-line class utilizes the Internet and a web browser as a means of creating a learning environment outside of the traditional classroom. Live classes will take place in our Virtual classroom. Students will be able to access their class material and communicate with their classmates and instructors through the use of a discussion forum. The on-line courses follow a classroom structure of covering weekly lessons. Students can access their class materials any-time of the day and anywhere they have access to the Internet.

Who can take on-line class?

Anyone can take an on-line course as long as they have access to a computer with Internet capabilities, have an active email account and have a good understanding of how a computer works. An on-line student also has to be motivated to participate in discussion forums and regularly check the Niritech’s e-Institute learning portal and keep up with the course work.

How do on-line classes work?

Live classes are held within our virtual classroom. Students will sign into the course portal to access live classes.

Once students begin their class work, they will find that through the use of the on-line site tools, they will be able to navigate within the class portal. They will be able to post or read assignments, download files from your instructor and upload assignments. Our instructors will primarily be contacting students through the discussion forum or by email.

Are on-line classes led by an instructor?

Like a traditional class, on-line classes managed by an instructor who will conduct weekly real-time classes, give assignments, answer questions, lead discussions and assign grades.

What type of equipment/resources will I need?

Students enrolled in on-line classes will be required to use the following:

  • Headset, consisting of microphone and earphone.
  • Digital Pen (Optional)
  • Scanner or Image recording device E.g Camera (Optional). Students may be required scan drawing/ written assignments which will uploaded for grading.

How do I enrol in an on-line class?

The procedures for enrolling into an on-line class can be found on the websites Pre-register page.

Are textbooks required for on-line classes?

Textbooks are required for all classes unless otherwise stated. These are not included in the course fee.

How and where do I write CXC exams?

CXC examinations are conducted at locally situated, exam centres. Niritech will register students with the Oversees Examination Office. Once registered, students will be assigned to an examination centre in their parish or community in order to sit CXC exams.

What type of devices can I use to access online classes?

Students can access their on-line classes with any of the followng devices.

  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Smart Phone (IOS and Android)
Students will be required to download the live class App to their device inorder to access live classes.

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