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who can endure to the end."

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Individual and Group Classes

Learn on the Go Caribbean's Online classes are offered as personal (one-on-one) sessions or small group sessions.

All participants are required to complete a diagnostic test before classes begin. This will serve as the baseline for your progress reports. Classes are tailored around participant’s specific needs and are geared towards mastery of a particular subject area. Throughout the period Monthly Tests will be given and a Mock Exam will be administered at the end of the programme to determine exam preparedness.

Participants can determine the number of sessions they are willing to take each week. Payments are made on a monthly basis.

Online Intensive Revision Classes

C lose to exam time, students can greatly benefit from targeted and intensive learning to provide that extra boost to help each student meet their goals.

These sessions are integrated with summary notes, testing and exam techniques to help student develop confidence before the exams.

Sprint sessions can be requested two weeks before your schedule exams.

Exam Registration Services

CXC examinations are conducted at locally situated, exam centres. We will register students with the Oversees Examination Office in Jamaica as Private Candidates. As a private candidate you will be required to do Paper 1, 2 and 3 (No SBA required). Once registered, students will be assigned to an examination centre in their parish or community in order to sit CXC exams.

All registration, subject and lab fees are issued by the Oversees Office. Once this information is given to us we will then communicate it to all participants. The final cost is determined by the type and number of subjects you are registering for, and includes a charge for our services.

On-line Study Portal

Design for students who are not enrolled in a live class, but need additional support for their exam preparation.Students subscribing to the on-line study portal have access to:

  • Past Paper Questions & Solutions
  • Summary Notes
  • Practice Test
  • CXC Syllabus
  • Online Glossary
  • Videos
  • E-Resources

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